Can’t Cruise This Summer, Try an All-Inclusive Resort

“Will cruising happen this summer?”

As of today, most cruise lines have announced they’ll be sailing in July 2021? But that can change.  With rules and regulations constantly being updated, “will cruising happen this summer” is a hard question to answer. Hopefully, we’ll have smooth sailing.

“Can I book a cruise for this summer?”

This is another question we get daily. Technically, yes. However, be prepared for last minute cruise line cancellations due to closed ports and CDC mandates. If you do book a cruise and it cancels, you can move the cruise to a future date and maintain the rate.

Another issue we are seeing is availability. Because cruise lines offered future cruise credit to to move the 2020 cruisers to 2021, staterooms for July, August, and September may be hard to find.

“So, what are you recommending this summer for people who like to cruise?”

We recommend a Land Cruise! An ALL-INCLUSIVE Mexico & Caribbean resort vacation.

Although cruises and all-inclusive resorts aren’t the same, they are similar.

  • Accommodations – Included in the cost, however, unless you pay for a premium room on a cruise ship, a standard hotel room at the resort will be much larger.
  • Activities – On a ship, you can find ice-skating, rock walls, go-carts, mini-golf and swimming pools. At a resort, activities include, kayaks, paddle boards, playgrounds, and elaborate swimming pools, plus the beach!
  • Dining – Both include as much food as you can eat. At a resort, however, you can eat at all the specialty restaurants without an extra fee.
  • Drinks – You won’t go thirsty on a cruise, but you’ll probably pay extra for soda and alcohol. At a resort, all your drinks, including soda and alcoholic beverages, are included.
  • Extras – Well they are called ‘extras’ because you pay extra! Things like off property/port excursions, some activities, and spas, are generally an added fee.

There are many different types of all-inclusive resorts; family friendly vs adults only, Caribbean vs Mexico, etc. Also, each resort has their own vibe. You’ll want to choose the right one for you.