Team Up with the Avengers

Are you ready to team up with the Avengers? You can now visit the Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park! Ashley and Jody just spent some time exploring this ALL-NEW land that can only be found at Disneyland Resort in California.

Avengers Campus is an immersive experience that will be appreciated by fans of the franchise as well as those who may have never seen any of the movies. With BIG FUN photo ops and character interactions around every corner, you really feel like you are hanging out at headquarters where the Avengers assemble and the Quinjet is parked. While strolling around the Ancient Sanctum, you may even encounter Dr. Strange himself! Want to feel what it is like to be part of the Dora Milaje? They train recruits and teach the wisdom of Wakanda throughout the day; you may even be picked to be part of the show!

There are two headliner attractions on Campus:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is not a new attraction, it opened in 2017, has been incorporated into the new Avengers Campus. It is a reimagined Tower of Terror which is funny and led by Rocket and his Guardian pals. If you can stomach the drops, you are in for a good time!
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure invites recruits of all ages to attend an open house at Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB) where you run into Peter Parker. Of course, something goes haywire, and your help is needed to defeat the spider bots which are running amuck. Use your new web slinging skills to help save the Campus! The technology on this new attraction is pretty amazing! NOTE: This attraction requires a Virtual Queue; there are no standby lines….this can be tricky and where our tried-and-true strategy comes in! We have an excellent success rate at snagging Virtual Queues.

Epic eats abound on Campus! Like everything in the Avenger Universe, the food is innovative and cutting edge! Pick up a savory wrap from the Shawarma Palace cart (if you know, you know) or try some size-defying fare from Pym Test Kitchen. The Pym Tasting Lab is perfect for an innovative libation.

Of course, since it’s Disney, there are plentiful shopping opportunities. You too can have your own Spider-Bot and official Avengers Campus gear.

We had a BIG FUN time exploring Avengers Campus. While the attractions are really fun, our favorite part was the many different and unique character interactions and live entertainment. You could definitely spend many hours here and continue to have different experiences.