Traveling Internationally During a Pandemic

Amy Perry

I have travelled out of the country twice since the COVID19 pandemic began. First to Mexico with my husband in November, and then in January to the Dominican Republic for a travel agent site visit.

I have to admit I was a little nervous

I was a little nervous, because what if I got COVID before I left, what about while I was gone. However, due to generous “Terms and Conditions”, I knew I could get a credit for the airfare if I had to cancel. It is more important than ever to make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions of your booking. Plus, Travel Protection Insurance was also a must! I advise Travel Protection for all my clients traveling internationally, not just a during a pandemic. No one has time to be stuck out of the country, nor wads of money to get medical care in a foreign hospital. US medical insurance plans do not work abroad.

I was randomly chosen for testing

Neither Mexico nor Dominican Republic require a negative COVID test to travel. (This is not the case for many locations.) For both countries, I had to fill out and turn in a health questionnaire. Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, I was randomly chosen for testing. I had to breathe in a tube and wait about 10 minutes for the test to be read. I WAS NEGATIVE. Whew! I am not going to lie; I was a little scared I was going to end up in a Dominican jail or tent camp. I later learned that they allow you to continue to your resort where there is a COVID area set aside for quarantine.
It is important to review all the country’s requirements well in advance of your vacation so that there are no surprises. Your Travel Advisor will be a big help in this!

I’m headed to Jamaica

I plan to visit Jamaica at the end of the month for another agent trip. Jamaica does require a negative COVID test to enter their country. Woo Hoo another COVID test! I have made sure to check that the lab results will list all the information required and that the lab used is properly accredited. I do NOT want to be stopped at the airport for not having the right test.
After January 26, 2021, the CDC will require all travelers have a negative COVID test within 3 days of arrival to the United States. This new requirement applies to Americans returning home from international travel, as well as foreign travelers coming to visit. Now I not only have to be tested before I go to Jamaica, I have to be tested to come back home.

Where and How will I get tested

In the short time since this new requirement was announced, we have seen many resorts advertise that they are providing testing onsite at either a free or reduced price. Also, many resorts are providing free or reduced prices for rooms to quarantine if tests come back positive. Again, this is where working with a Travel Advisor is beneficial. Your advisor can let you know what your specific resort is doing.

Should YOU travel internationally

You must decide if traveling right now is right decision for you and your family. For me and my mental health, I have decided that the benefits of travel outweigh the risks. I just feel better when I have a trip on the books. Many locations have even released bookings for 2022 if you feel that would be better for you. I would love to help you plan the vacation that is the perfect fit for your family! Please contact me at [email protected] or give me a call at 501-912-6944. You can check out some of my adventures on Facebook at Amy Perry – Small World Big Fun