The Difference Between a Trip and a Vacation!

Not long ago, we were talking with one of our great Small World Big Fun agents about the differences between trips and vacations. After all, we plan both! (For free, by the way!) Our mission is to help you create BIG FUN memories with your loved ones, and planning extraordinary trips and vacations is how we do that.

Trips and vacations are different from each other, but how? Let’s break down the differences!

When you take a trip…

Imagine you’re on a trip to the beach with your family. You load up the car, drive to the beach where we’ve rented a great little property, and have lots of fun playing, swimming, eating, drinking, and laughing together. It’s a great trip!

But someone still has to do the work. Someone still has to buy the groceries, make the dinners, wash the dishes, pack everybody’s beach bags, follow the GPS to the beach, park the car, and on and on.

Trips are great, and we plan thousands of them each year. Sometimes, though, they can feel an awful lot like work. In fact, a client once described a trip this way: “It’s just a different dishwasher.” You may be in a wonderful location with people you love, but if you’ve got all the same responsibilities as you do at home, then what’s the difference except that you’re using a dishwasher in a more exciting location?

What about a vacation, then? How is that different?

When you take a vacation…

Vacations are AWESOME!

On a vacation, you’re getting a real break. The last thing you’re doing on a vacation is worrying about making dinner and washing dishes! When you’re on a real vacation, everything is taken care of. An all-inclusive experience means you’re not taking care of the day-to-day tasks that are a part of your life at home.

You can vacation with your family, or you can vacation from your family, but either way, a vacation means you’re taken care of, rather than getting stuck being the one who takes care of everybody else.

At Small World Big Fun, we want to send you on a real vacation. A true break from your responsibilities can really happen! When we plan a trip for you, we help you save your money, time, and effort, but we also create an opportunity for you to take a deep breath and relax.

Obviously we’re known for Disney vacations, where we can plan every step of the way to give you the best rooms, transportation, special events, meal deals, and itineraries. You and your family can have the time of your lives. If you have kids, having a trip planner means you can actually enjoy seeing them get so much out of the parks, rather than you having to worry about missing out on something because you didn’t know how best to plan the trip.  

But Disney is not the only option! You could go on a fully planned river cruise, where all you have to do is show up and be ready to see the world. Or consider an all-inclusive resort like Sandals. Do you want a butler? Do you want to show up and have a perfect drink, ready and waiting for you?

What it comes down to…

Take trips. Take lots of trips. Take BIG FUN trips. But don’t forget to take a break and also take a VACATION. After all, a trip gives you memories in a new place, but a vacation allows you to show up and enjoy those memories as you’re making them without having to worry about all the responsibilities that are a part of your regular life.

What are you waiting for? Start here to let us help you plan the vacation of a lifetime! Remember, we plan your vacation FOR FREE!