A Teen’s Top Ten on the Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder Cruise Pirate Party

By Small World Big Fun Junior Agent, Alex Bratton

When planning a vacation, in my opinion, there is no better choice than a Disney cruise. A Disney cruise truly has something for everyone! It’s an amazing place for younger kids to experience the magical world of Disney, and it is relaxing for adults. So, where does that leave us, the teens? Well … we get the best activities on the ship, of course! Here’s my list of top 10 Disney Wonder cruise experiences for teens!

  1. Goofy’s Sports Deck — Vacation is the perfect time to play some games with the new friends you’ll meet on the cruise. Whether you’re into basketball, ping pong or foosball, the Disney Wonder has you covered.
  2. Promenade Lounge Want to learn to draw some of your favorite Disney characters or participate in Disney trivia? If so, you should definitely check out the Promenade Lounge. During the day, the lounge has activities and entertainment for everyone, and they have live music every night.
  3. Movies — Going to see a movie is always fun, especially when it’s an early release you can’t wait to see. Onboard Disney Wonder, you can watch amazing films in the Buena Vista Theatre or see your favorite classics on the giant Funnel Vision screen. The Funnel Vision is HUGE! It’s 24 feet wide and 14 feet high, and it’s on the Forward Funnel at Goofy’s Pool.
  4. Characters — No matter how old we get, we’re all children at heart. Whether it’s telling jokes to your favorite princesses or taking a picture with Mickey Mouse, the big cheese himself, no one is ever too old for the fun of meeting Disney characters. You can have a ton of character experiences on board from Pirate Night (see the next item!) to photo ops at Goofy’s Pool!
  5. Pirate Night — Put on your hook and eyepatch and get ready for this very exciting night. Don’t believe me? After feasting on a pirate-themed dinner there’s dancing, a pirate show, and games on the pool deck. And, get ready to be blown away by an incredible fireworks display in the middle of the ocean!
  6. D Lounge Whether you’re in the mood for a game show, karaoke session, or dance party, the D Lounge is a great place to be. This space is always a great place to be when Vibe closes at night (and I’ll get to Vibe in just a second!).
  7. Shows — Within Walt Disney Theatre, the heart of Disney comes to life. From hilarious variety shows to phenomenal award-winning productions, the nightly shows like Frozen, A Musical Spectacular, are something you definitely do not want to miss.
  8. Ports of Call — You’ve got many ways to enjoy a vacation at sea. One of the best things to do is to explore the world through one of the many port adventures. Whether it’s swimming with dolphins or taking a historical tour of a city, make sure to take advantage of the ports of call and enjoy yourself!
  9. Food — 24/7 goodness is probably the easiest way to explain the food onboard. From pizza and chicken nuggets to unlimited ice cream, you might never want to leave the boat because of its amazing selection of food.
  10. Vibe Vibe is the most amazing place ever. It is a space designated only for 14- to 17-year-olds. In it, we get to know our fellow cruisers, play fun games, and have an area all to ourselves to chill in while onboard.

These are my top ten, but, really, everything is amazing! Overall, going on a Disney cruise is phenomenal. No matter what you do, I promise you’ll have the time of your life!