Plan to be spontaneous!

Walt Disney World opened in Lake Buena Vista, Florida in 1971, and it’s the most visited vacation resort in the world. Over 58 million people take a Disney vacation every year, and our team of travel consultants at Small World Big Fun is ready to help you and your family join them! Walt Disney World® Resort includes four theme parks, two water parks, 31 themed resort hotels, several championship golf courses, a camping resort, and destination shopping at Disney Springs. Doing Disney “well” takes a plan, and we’re proud to be an authorized Disney Vacation Planner!

A Disney vacation offers fun for the entire family, and you’ll have the best experience if you prepare a detailed travel itinerary in advance. You have so many options to choose from, and our travel advisors make it easy to get started. It might seem unusual to schedule a family vacation down to the minute, but it ensures that you’ll be able to fit as many great activities into your schedule as time allows. You can also build plenty of flexibility into your itinerary in case you change your mind about activities once you get there. We’ll help you make all of your decisions before your trip so that you and your family will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation!

We LOVE Walt Disney World, and it’s our passion to help you plan a trip that your children will remember for their whole lives. You have so many fantastic options, and we’ll customize your trip (or trips) to your wants and needs. We’ll show you how to navigate Genie + and Individual Lightning Lanes so you’ll have the shortest wait times for attractions, and we’ll take all the stress and hassle out of planning your trip.

Even if you’ve already been to Disney World many times, you’ll discover something new on every vacation. Walt Disney World constantly adds new attractions, updates rides, and even re-imagines entire parks, and it offers dozens of hotel and resort options to match every family’s needs and budget. We’re ready to help you have the best possible Disney trip, and our Big Fun travel consultants will tailor your trip to you and your family’s preferences.

When you’re ready to experience the magic of Disney with your family, contact us online or call 501-831-5211 to get started!