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Finding a Little Peace and Quiet in the Happiest Place on Earth

October 26, 2018
Finding a Little Peace and Quiet in the Happiest Place on Earth

A vacation to Walt Disney World can be a magical experience. But let’s face it, sometimes kids (and maybe a parent or two) need to get out of the crowds and just decompress. Here are some places to go and things to do when you just need a minute.

The Magic Kingdom

  • Mickey’s Philharmonic & the Hall of Presidents – two very different shows, but they are both in a dark, AIR-CONDITIONED theater! Perfect for a hot or a rainy day or just a good place to relax and maybe nap.
  • Tom Sawyer Island – with plenty of benches in the shade for Mom & Dad, this is a great place for kids to just play! It is generally quiet and not crowded. You could even hop on the Liberty Belle and take a scenic tour around the island.
  • The People Mover – not only can you get an aerial view of Tomorrowland, an awesome view of Cinderella’s Castle, and a cool sneak peek at Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain, you get to see Walt’s original vision of Epcot. Don’t skip this ride! You get peace and quiet along with some very cool views (unless you nap…)
  • Carousel of Progress – the audience rotates instead of the stage! 21 minutes of tranquil, comedic reflection on the evolution of the American family. FUN FACT: This attraction was part of the 1964 World’s Fair.
  • County Bear Jamboree – this show is never full! You can see a very funny show that is not overstimulating while escaping the elements.
  • Walt Disney World Railroad – grab a snack and just ride around the Magic Kingdom.


  • World Showcase – most of the countries have an exhibition and/or a movie. These quiet places are fun to explore while you get out of the weather and the crowds. The American Adventure really should be on your list of must-see attractions. Many a nap has been taken in the American Adventure and Impressions of France theaters as they have seating and are dim.
  • Victoria Gardens in the United Kingdom – a lovely, quiet space. Little ones can explore the shaded hedge maze while you sit, maybe with a cocktail? Other countries have little quiet oases as well, be sure to go toward the back of Morocco for a tranquil, covered space. Japan has beautiful gardens.
  • Living Seas – this indoor aquarium is a great place to cool off and relax. Observing sea life is always a good way to unwind.

Animal Kingdom

  • Wildlife Express Train – take a ride, you can snooze or glimpse some behind the scenes of Animal Kingdom.
  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Discovery Island and the Maharaja Jungle Trek – all of these are where you’ll see animals chilling out! Take a relaxing stroll with little or no stimulation.
  • Pandora at Night – Take a stroll thru this land at night when crowds are lighter and the bioluminescent forest is truly magical. The Nomad’s Lounge can be a nice rest stop for adults. (Pandora is typically crowded during the day)

Hollywood Studios

  • The Voyage of the Little Mermaid – a dark, AIR-CONDITIONED theater is always a good nap choice!
  • Streets of America – grab a snack and go find a quiet alley where you can sit on a stoop and just watch the world go by!
  • One Man’s Dream – this is a wonderful, indoor display of Walt’s artifacts. For Disney history buffs, this should not be skipped. There is a film at the end, another good nap opportunity!

Any time you are at Walt Disney World, remember to slow down and enjoy!

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