10 Tips for Traveling NOW

We are so excited to be traveling again! However as we EMERGE from the pandemic we are experiencing some recovery pains. A positive attitude, a good nights sleep, and a fruity cocktail can usually overcome a tough day of travel. I have been traveling myself quite a bit during this time and here are some tips I want to pass along!

  1. Pack PATIENCE & Kindness! All of the industry is understaffed and undertrained. Travel in 2021 is not the same as pre-pandemic. We ARE recovering but we are still in process of recovering. Its just good to have the right expectations when traveling in 2021
  1. Air travel is a mess. Flights have been changed/cancelled last minute. Make sure your air apps are downloaded, updated, and you are logged in. Make sure you know all of your reservation #’s and account logins. Have your air accounts set to alert you of changes. Check the schedule multiple times prior to leaving for airport and again once you have arrived at airport. Read the signs in the airport, don’t just rely on the app. Check in ahead of time online. Unless you booked your air through me, you will get more done in person at an airline desk than calling me. I’m here to support you but air is really out of my hands.
  1. Try to pack light. Please remember to follow all TSA guidelines…I have seen multiple people delayed b/c they have liquids in their carry ons. But if you can do carry on only it is the way to go!
  1. Pack snacks to have on plane/airport, especially if you are delayed. Many airports do not have all food services up and running. Once you are through security you can buy beverages.
  1. Make sure you have CAREFULLY read the COVID restrictions and requirements for your destination AND for what is required to return to the US! (Domestic not required to test to return, Hawaii has special requirement to travel TO Hawaii)
  1. If your resort allows tipping, please tip generously as you feel led. Folks are working hard.
  1. Arrive at the airport EARLY!!! Lines are LONG. We recommend 3 hrs for International and transpacific flights. 2 hrs for domestic. But err on side of being TOO early.
  1. Travel days are hard…don’t judge your vacation’s success on travel days. Be kind and gentle with yourself and your travelers. Go with the flow as much as possible and just REST when you arrive! Get a good night’s sleep and start the next day with fresh eyes on your vacation!
  1. A word about Sargassum/seaweed. Nature is completely unpredictable but we have seen a significant increase in Sargassum/seaweed in the Caribbean and Mexico, especially during the summer months. Locals are working tirelessly to keep the beaches cleared for guests but sometimes they just can’t keep up with what nature sends ashore. If you arrive at your resort and there is significant Sargassum I encourage you to enjoy the resort property and pools! The next day the beach might look different. Or the concierge or myself can suggest some excursions to find a clearer area. Stay positive and make the best of it!
  1. Enjoy that you are GOING somewhere! A year ago there was almost no travel. Have BIG FUN!