What I learned on my recent trip to Walt Disney World

After 7 ½ months of not traveling anywhere, pretty much being in quarantine since the middle of March just like everybody else, I got on an airplane.  I went to Disney World. I will admit that I did this not without some trepidation.  I am all about personal safety. I wear my mask. I quarantine. I use the hand sanitizer and I wash my hands. But I REALLY needed this trip – I needed a break from the four walls of my office. I needed to remember the world outside of quarantine. I needed to be able to answer my clients questions first-hand: 

  • Is it safe to go?
  • Will I still feel the magic? 

My answer? YES. Absolutely yes. 

Not everybody is ready to make the decision to travel. I support you. And I support our clients who have made the decision to postpone their trips. But If you’re ready to go, I will tell you that this was one of the best travel experiences of my life. 

A few a few big takeaways:

  1. I decided to fly to Orlando. For the most part, I felt really comfortable in the airport and on the plane – they were sparkling clean. Southwest Airlines did a great job with social distancing at the gate and on the plane. Everybody wore a mask with no complaint.
  2. I felt safe in the parks. There were a handful of times when people would try to sneak not wearing a mask when taking pictures. But that was quickly shut down. I felt safer in the parks at Disney World than in my own local grocery store.
  3. Let’s talk about Character Greetings.  I love the way they’re doing the character meals now.  Characters don’t come right up to your table, but there was still a lot of quality interaction.  I could argue that we had more interaction with the characters now than before – we had multiple chances to interact and each time was a little different. I thought it was a fantastic experience.
  4. You know that feeling that you get your first morning at Disney?  The stress of wanting to beat the crowds to the park?  NO MORE!  Why?  Because there are no lines.  Travel now so that you can go to Disney World and ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with NO LINE. Literally. No Line.  

Now having said that, yes, there still some things that need a plan and a little bit of a strategy. Because of Rise of the Resistance and the new Mickey and Minnie’s Run Away Railway (which is the cutest I’ve ever seen in my life), going to Hollywood Studios needs a plan.

For the other Parks, just being able to get up and enjoy your coffee, have breakfast and take your time, was a relaxing vacation experience. And come on, you know it’s not always like that. This, for me, was a big positive right now in making a decision to go on this trip.

Bottom Line: I felt good about my travel experience. I’m glad I did it. If you think it’s time to go and you’re ready, I think it’s a great time! I honestly do. If you’re ready, give us a call, we’ll be happy to tell you our experience and answer your questions.

P.S. Disney announced this week their new Book with Confidence policy – they have waived all cancellation and change fees for trips through the end of 2020. You can cancel or change your trip right up to the day of travel with no penalty.