“Wait, you’re going back to Walt Disney World already? Didn’t you just go?” PART I

Having both just been to Walt Disney World in June, Katherine and I heard this a lot the week before our trip. So, the answers were yes and yes, but for good reason! First, how much Walt Disney World is too much?? Twice in six weeks is not too much for us. Even more importantly, though, we wanted to see what has changed. It turns out, it’s a lot!

Walt Disney World will celebrate its 50th anniversary on October 1 and it was clear cast members are working hard to open up as much as possible, while still adhering to Covid-related safety protocols. Between anniversary preparations and Covid-related precautions, the situation is very dynamic and a lot has changed in six weeks. We’re happy to share a few of the things we experienced.

We spent time in all four parks and the biggest thing that has changed is that the evening spectaculars are back! Fireworks, lights, projections, and music all come together to produce amazing shows in the parks at nighttime. Three of the four parks have brought these back since June and we caught all three.

Epcot Forever is wrapping up before Harmonious begins on October 1. It was just as beautiful as we remembered it! A visit to the Yorkshire County Fish Shoppe meant we could watch from the U.K. area of Epcot, but, honestly, there’s no bad view of the Epcot fireworks from nearly anywhere around the lagoon.

Hollywood Studios has introduced a fast-paced, super fun, new evening show called Wonderful World of Animation. I am always amazed how the creative geniuses behind these shows get the projections to work perfectly on a non-linear surface. If you’ve seen the replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, then you know what I’m talking about! Imagine using that as your projection surface? Well, the Imagineers did and it was really fantastic.

Magic Kingdom fireworks are just the best! We caught one of the last Happily Ever After shows and it did not disappoint. I can’t wait to see what the new Magic Kingdom evening show, Disney Enchantment, will be, and am so happy to have seen Happily Ever After one last time.

Animal Kingdom has not yet brought back its evening show, but I am happy to report that the revamped Lion King Broadway-style show is back. “A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King” is a modified version of the original. This, to me, is the perfect example of Disney’s approach to the parks right now. They are keeping as much as they can, modifying what is needed to keep cast members and guests safe, and moving forward with the fun! A brand-new daytime show, Kite Tails, will debut in Animal Kingdom on October 1. Disney is forever introducing exciting new attractions and entertainment and this is like nothing they’ve ever done before. I can’t wait to see it!

Lucky for me, I will be back in Walt Disney World on October 1 and can report back on all the new entertainment on the horizon!