Tips for Checking Your Luggage

Spring Break travel has started and it’s only going to be busier. Airports are expecting a record number of travelers this Summer! Remember those images with piles of luggage at the Heathrow airport?

If you aren’t like Small World Big Fun owner, Cindy Minor, who can pack for 14 days in Europe in a carry-on, chances are you’ll be checking bags. So if you must, here’s a few tips:

1. Add a brightly patterned scarf, bandana, ribbon, neon tape, or something, so you can see your luggage on the conveyor belt (and see if someone picks up yours by mistake.)
2. Don’t wait until you get to the airport and use a paper airline tag! Those come off easily. Use a hard plastic, secure loop type of tag.
3. Also, put your contact information INSIDE your luggage.
4. At the airline counter, pay attention to the destination tag; the one printed by the attendant. The one that I manage to stick to itself when I use the kiosk. Review the after bag is tagged.
5. Purchase Travel Insurance (this should be number 1) Make sure your policy includes lost luggage protection and damage protection. Not sure which is worse, no luggage or finding your brand new luggage tapped and in a cardboard box because it fell off and got run over.
6. Keep a list of luggage contents and description. (Don’t keep this list in your checked bag!) This will help you identify and get your bag back, as well as file a claim if your luggage is lost. (see #5). Also take a picture of your bag and contents.
7. Use an Air tag. Put an air tag or some sort of GPS locator inside your luggage. At least if it doesn’t get to you, you’ll know where it’s at.

(Reminder, book those trips to Europe NOW)