Small Hacks for BIG FUN at Walt Disney World

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A Walt Disney World vacation can have a hefty price tag. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite FREE, simple tips that can really add big value to your experience.

  1. Water – Any counter service restaurant will give you a FREE cup of water. (Not stand-alone kiosks, they only have bottled water.) You can also bring your own bottled water in if you’d like. Hydration is important!
  2. Celebration Buttons for special occasions – You can get these from Cast Members at your resort hotel or guest services in the parks. Prepare for some pixie dust, or at least some extra attention, when wearing one!
  3. Advice from Cast Members – Ask them anything about Disney and they will give you their full expertise. If you encounter any sort of problem, it is more likely to get fixed with you standing there than after you are home. These folks are amazing; make friends with them!
  4. Screenshot your MDE – Each morning, take a screenshot of your My Disney Experience app itinerary and make it the wallpaper on your phone. This will help you conserve battery life while having a quick reference at hand.

Disney Travel Agent near me5. Color coordinate – Matching T-shirts make great photos! OK, OK, I know not everyone wants to match… but, if you at least have your family wear clothing in the same color family, I promise your photos will look great!
6. Mobile order – Use your My Disney Experience app to order from counter service restaurants. This will save you time! It’s easy to access the menus, order and pay, all from your phone.
7. Pre-Park Opening Breakfast – Get a reservation for breakfast before the park opens. This puDisney Travel Agent near mets you in the park before other guests and you can take advantage of lower to no wait times. These reservations can be hard to snag, so proper planning is a must!
8. Disposable rain ponchos – Get several at the dollar store to take with you. You never know when a shower will pop up or you want to go on a ride that gets you wet! A disposable poncho can really save the day. OK, this one is not FREE, but for – $1, I was close!)
9. USE A TRAVEL AGENT – We can really save you time, money and sanity! And our services are FREE when we book your Walt Disney Vacation package.