Pack Like A Pro

It’s All About the Bag

When you’re traveling, you may automatically assume you need to pack a suitcase. While hard-shell carry-on luggage can be the perfect blend of sturdy, secure and compact, it might not be the right bag for your needs. If you are traveling to theme parks you will need a park bag with essentials. Consider a messenger bag, satchel or backpack for lighter, shorter or more minimalist travel. If you’re planning on hiking or camping, choose a heavy-duty waterproof bag that is light enough to carry on your hike.  My favorite tip especially when traveling as a family is to use packing cubes to keep everything nice and tidy and compact. Each family member can have their own color coordinated set.

Take the Bare Necessities

We’ve all been there. We get worried about how much we’re going to need and we tend to overpack. The solution is to pack light or heavy depending on:

  • The type of trip – Are you going on a beach vacation and need all your extras for the beach? You don’t want to be stuck with just one wet bathing suit. Are you taking your family on a Disney Vacation? Consider packing by day in zip loc bags so everyone has their daily outfit and accessories ready to go. Try not to double up on items that serve the same basic function.
  • Disney Vacations have a packing list of their own– The weather can change instantly, you walk more than usual, and there’s quite a few things you will need that you probably haven’t thought of. You also need to pack a separate park bag from your regular luggage. We have created the Ultimate Disney Packing Checklist just for you!
  • The length of time you’ll be away from home – This mostly affects how many items of clothing, toiletries and snacks you bring. Plan your items by day so you don’t have too many extras. Will you have access to a washer and dryer? Bringing a pop-up hamper is helpful to keep dirty clothes together and an easy way to bring them to the laundry facility or throw in a suitcase at the end of your trip?
  • Your usual habits – Be real with your own limits and tendencies. If you read only two books a year, do you really need to cram five books in your travel bag? I’m definitely guilty of this!

Keep Track of Tech

Depending on your personal preferences and occupation, you may be bringing a lot of technology along with you. Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

  • Smartphone
  • Headphone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Charger and other cables
  • Camera
  • USB
  • Smartwatch
  • Portable charger

If you aren’t a tech-heavy kind of person, make a checklist of your own needs before travel. For example, for a hiking or camping trip, you may choose to bring all of your outdoor necessities.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

No matter how much fancy tech you remember to bring, you’ll feel ill-prepared if you don’t have your basics down. Keep these essentials in the most portable and easily accessible bag so you don’t have to get out of your plane seat to reach it. This includes:

  • Wallet, cash, cards and IDs
  • Pens and pencils
  • Toiletries
  • Snacks
  • Tissues
  • Emergency/back-up clothes especially when traveling with littles

These smaller items tend to roll around in a large bag. Store them all in a pocket or purchase a small pouch that you can clip near your bag’s opening for quick access.

Make It Weather Appropriate

Don’t be underprepared when it comes to having the appropriate clothing. Check the forecast of the place you’ll be traveling. Here’s a list of things you may need to bring:

  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Hat
  • Gloves/Scarves/Heavy Socks
  • Outerwear
  • Ponchos

Prioritize Organization and Maximize Space

Now that you know what to bring, you need to fit it all in your bag. Use these organization tips so you won’t be stuck shuffling through your luggage every day.

  • Roll your clothes – Rolling saves space and results in fewer wrinkles compared to folding.
  • Use Packing Cubes – As I mentioned before these can be a life saver to keep everything organized and contained especially when traveling with multiple people.
  • Everything in its place – Get creative with how to utilize space. Shoes often have enough room to fit socks, underwear or toiletries inside. As long as everything has its own designated space you will know how to find it fast.

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