“Are people really traveling?”

When I tell people I work at a travel agency they always ask….

Are people really traveling?

YES! Some. More than you think…

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the weekend of October 12 – 18 was the busiest in the US for air travel since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 6.1 million people went through TSA checkpoints.

People are possibly feeling better about travel due to IATA’s published study that found only 44 cases of Covid-19 transmission among the 1.2 billion passengers who have flown. United Airlines and the DoD did a separate study that found airplanes to be the “safest indoor public space” due to the air filtration systems on board.

Several Small World Big Fun agents flew in July and October to Walt Disney World and will fly again in November. Airlines are still requiring a mask and are keeping the middle seat empty. WDW requires temperature checks before entering, mask unless eating, and social distancing. We’ve also had agents and clients fly to Mexico. Mexico does not require testing, however, masks, social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocol is in effect.

If you decide travel is the right choice for your family, please do not make plans on your own. Use a travel advisor. Travel advisors stay up to date on the latest information, know those resorts who have the best terms and conditions in case you have to postpone or cancel, will plan everything and will help you if issues occur. And above all else buy travel insurance!