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Big Fun for Adults

Don’t kid yourself – Disney World is not just for kids! There are plenty of things that bigger kids can do and see to make sure that you have a great time too!

First a tip: Shoes matter. This isn’t about high fashion, folks. This is about comfort. You can end up walking more than 10 miles a day, not to mention all the standing. (But, if you wear a Fitbit, you’re going to love seeing how many steps you walk each day).

Now, on to cool stuff for adults:

Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian

Drinking Around The World at Epcot

You’ll find a huge selection of beers, wines and cocktails from around the world

 Kid-Free Hideouts!

Consider dining or hanging out at places that are generally kid-free, for example:

  • Breakfast at La Boulangerie
  • All of the parks and resorts have lounges, Cava del Tequila, Tutto Gusto, etc. (Just ask us, we’ve been to them all!)

Park Tours

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to get backstage and get a whole new perspective on the parks. Let us help you!

Food & Wine Festival

The always popular annual Food & Wine Festival is a great time to visit.

Also, check out the very nice spas at the resorts!

You’ll discover countless ways grown-ups can have a magical experience, too. Just work with us and we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable vacation!

Are you ready to "Start Planning Your Unforgettable Vacation" with one of our BIG FUN Disney Experts?