Martha Hasty

“I’ve loved Disney for as long as I can remember,” says Small World Big Fun agent Martha Hasty. “I will always remember running with my dad to Space Mountain® and being mesmerized by the Electric Light Parade. As an adult, I love creating new Disney memories with my own family. My son has been to Disney 12 times already, and he’s only 10!”

Living just a few hours from Orlando made investing in an Annual Pass an easy decision. “I made eight trips to Disney World this past year, and experienced Disney during every season, attended special events and in ALL kinds of weather,” Martha says. In having so many varied experiences, Martha brings a level of expertise to her Disney vacation planning that her clients really value. “I work hard to plan the vacation that meets the needs of each client. It takes a lot of research to make that happen!”

Martha’s favorite Disney memory came from a recent trip in the past year. “We’ve been trying for years to get autographs with Suzy and Perla, the girl mice from Cinderella. On our last trip, my son and I got in line to ride Dumbo while my husband went to get coffee. On his way back to meet us, he saw Suzy and Perla and got in line to meet them. The cast member told him that they would not be out for very much longer, so if we didn’t want to miss out, we needed to hurry. My husband called me just as Dumbo took off! Thank goodness Dumbo doesn’t fly for very long! We jumped off Dumbo and ran like crazy people through Fantasyland to where my husband was in line. We got there just in time!”

Martha can’t wait to create memories like these for your family. Contact her at 423-863-2617 or [email protected] today!