Lizzy Meeks

Lizzy Meeks — Disney Travel Agent

Travel Agent in Nashville, TN

Lizzy has been a Travel Advisor with Small World Big Fun since 2013. Since joining the team, she’s booked over 500 (and counting!) reservations to various destinations. 

Lizzy began her career specializing in Disney theme parks, Disney Cruise Line, and Universal Orlando. Today, she also serves clients in various cruise destinations, Europe travel, and all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. 
“Being a Travel Advisor is so much more than just booking your hotel and sending you on your way. It’s about the details. I want to give you confidence as a traveler. My goal is to build lasting relationships with my clients, to serve them for many years and help them reach their travel goals. Whether it be a family destination, a couples getaway, girls trip, etc., I strive to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.”

You can contact Lizzy at 615-400-8921 or via email at [email protected].