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Julie Mosholder

Julie Mosholder stumbled into love with Disney World. Having never gone as a child, she and her husband, Steve, figured the spur of the moment trip they planned for their young daughters would be something they might do every few years. Julie knew that plan had vanished as soon as Steve turned to her, about three minutes into their drive home, and asked, “When do we get to go back?”

Now only a few years later and the parents of four small children, Julie and Steve have been back to Walt Disney World several times, and spend their free time planning trips they haven’t even booked yet! They are fascinated by the ins and outs of Disney, and together they love to learn the balance between the art and science that is a Disney vacation.

But no matter how fascinated Julie is by how to “do” Disney, she is much more fascinated by the “what” of what a Disney vacation offers; namely, time to reconnect as a family, or as a couple, or as friends, a team, or whatever group you are part of, and create memories that will strengthen that bond for years to come. She can’t wait to tackle the work that comes with planning the details so that you can have Big Fun! Email Julie at or call her on 234-738-2775.

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