Whitney Dedmon

Disney Travel Agent Near Me

Whitney, by nature, hasn’t been a planner except for one facet of her life: planning Disney vacations. Flung into the Disney lifestyle at the early age of 7, Whitney has traveled to the Walt Disney World Resort more times than she can count, recently becoming an annual pass holder. While the years spent with Mickey and Minnie surrounded by other favorite characters has aided in keeping her young, her children are now the reason that her fire for Disney continues to burn so brightly. Each of her kids took their first trips at 3 months old, and her daughter could recite every Disney Princess by age two. The magic of seeing her daughter with Belle for the first time made her realize that, even though she’s all grown up now, Disney is never something she wants to grow away from.

There’s nothing quite like walking into Magic Kingdom and seeing Main Street laying out in front of you with Cinderella Castle at the end, beckoning you in with all its mystical promises of falling back into your childhood, even if only for a short while. With her knowledge of Disney and Disney Parks, Whitney can help recreate the magic of childhood and ignite a dormant imagination by helping plan your next trip to a Disney Park, stress-free. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

E-mail wdedmon@smallworldbigfun.com or call/text any time at 479-684-9203!