Marliisa Yarberry

Marliisa Yarberry

Disney Travel Agent in Benton, AR

Marliisa took her lifelong love of Disney and travel and turned it into a career. She was just 3 years old when her father, known to family and friends far and wide as “Commodore Disney,” planned his family’s first trip to Walt Disney World® Resort. They haven’t missed a year since! A few years back, Commodore Disney handed over the Disney vacation planning responsibilities to Marliisa. Now, her family makes multiple “escapes” to Disney World each year. 

She has been in the travel industry for more than 13 years and planned trips to every continent. She’d love to use her expertise to plan your family’s dream vacation.

“I want to work with clients who realize they lead a busy life already and that trip-planning is complicated, so they need a helping hand,” Marliisa says. “I work with clients of all ages and budgets and I can help with anything from a domestic weekend trip to a three-week European sojourn.” 

Marliisa’s frequent trips and planning also provide her with insider information of Disney parks, such as vegetarian dining at Disney World.

Travel planning isn’t all play — Marliisa also has experience with the nuts and bolts behind organizing a trip, learning travel from the ground up at a large international travel agency. “I was in charge of preparing trip documents for clients and making sure all details of the trip were confirmed and that any questions the client may have were answered by their documents. It was an excellent way to learn all the potential moving parts of a trip: airfare, rental cars, trains, transfer companies, hotels, tour companies, and so on. I learned how much I enjoyed working with all the details to put the pieces of a ‘trip puzzle’ together.” 

We live in an information age with so much data at our fingertips that it is overwhelming, Marliisa says. “Through my years of experience, I’ve learned how to help clients filter through all the information and customize a trip that is right for THEM. You don’t have to stress! See something on Facebook and wonder if it’s true? Message me or call me. Have questions while you are on your trip? Shoot me a text and I’ll get you sorted! I also work to make sure my clients keep the best rate for their trips, so I’m watching discount releases and trying to apply any applicable deals. You don’t have to worry about that!”

Phone/Text: 501-860-2514


Facebook: @MarliisaYarberrySmallWorldBigFun

Marliisa’s Top 3 Travel Tips:

  1. “Plan YOUR trip. Don’t worry about what everyone else says you should do. What is important to YOU? That’s what matters.”
  2. “Make a plan. But don’t make marching orders. Include downtime in your itinerary so you can do something you discover once you arrive, repeat something you’ve already done, OR to take a much-needed nap!” 
  3. “Know where your passport is and how many months validity you have on it at all times! Six months’ validity beyond your dates of travel is required for most trips, including cruises!”

Marliisa’s Top 3 Favorite Disney Attractions:

  1. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World and Disneyland® Resort — the whole land! It’s like nowhere else!!!”
  2. Radiator Springs Racers® Attraction at Disney California Adventure® Park — you feel like you are IN the movie!”
  3. AquaDuck water coaster onboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships — so much fun!” 

Marliisa’s Top 3 Favorite Non-Disney Attractions:

  1. “Northern Europe, including Finland, where my mother is from! This part of the world offers cultural treasures and jaw-dropping beauty!” 
  2. “Caribbean cruises: Being at sea and truly getting AWAY is so special! We really need this “check out” time in our world today.” 
  3. “Chicago: it’s my favorite big city in the U.S.! So much to do!”

Marliisa’s Top 3 Things To Do on Vacation:

  1. “Take a cultural tour and talk to my tour guide! I want to know what it’s like to live in the country I’m visiting. Yes, I’m the one sitting at the front of the bus asking all the questions.”
  2. “Do some kind of nature-oriented activity, from hiking to boating to snorkeling.” 
  3. “Try local foods! Especially desserts!”