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Jessica Lord

As a native Floridian, Jessica has been visiting Disney her entire life, which gives her a unique perspective on planning Disney vacations. She has experienced Disney at every stage of life – as a young child; a teenager; a college student; a single, young adult; and, now, as a parent. You might say that her experience is truly the evolution of a Disney vacation.

As a child, Jessica and her family lived just minutes from Walt Disney World. She visited Disney World with her family more times than she can count. “I feel like I grew up there,” says Jessica. One of her favorite Disney memories is when she was about two years old. “Pluto scooped me up in his arms and promptly fell over,” remembers Jessica. “My mom has a picture of us rolling around on the ground in the Magic Kingdom. That was definitely back in the 70s – I’m not sure that would happen today!”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Arkansas, Jessica moved back to Orlando. Her roommate and several friends were Disney Imagineers, so she got to see and experience Disney from the inside, including access to some great concert tickets. “I remember my friend calling and telling me to hurry up,” says Jessica. “It had just been announced that ‘Nsync was giving a concert for an awards show. No one knew about it until the very last minute, and we were able to get tickets. This might not sound like a big deal today, but let me tell you, in the early 90s, ‘Nsync was about as big a deal as you could get!” She remembers another time that a friend was late to meet her for dinner. The friend’s excuse? Giving a VIP tour of the parks to Michael Jackson. True story.

Jessica now lives in Little Rock with her husband, Fletcher. They are continuing the Disney tradition with their two daughters. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is their current favorite. “The atmosphere of this resort is just magical to me. It feels like we are stepping back in time when we enter the lobby. There are so many fun things for the kids to do – games at the pool, the character meals, and oh my goodness – the Princess Promenade is something to see! All those little girls in their princess dresses coming down the grand staircase in the lobby, escorted by Cinderella herself. And you just can’t beat the location when you have little ones.”

Jessica loves to share her love and knowledge of Disney by helping families plan the perfect vacation. Contact her today at 501-554-4622 or

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